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I love how easy Sun Chlorella is to take. I feel so much healthier and have more energy! As a bonus, the tablets are so tiny, this is a convenient way to get my nutrients.
Gary B., Brooklyn, NY
I use Colloidal Silver anytime I get a rash or my skin cracks from using cleaning products. All I have to do is put some colloidal silver on it, sometimes just once, and itís better the next day!
Carla R., St. Louis, MO
Iím so happy we found the Viking product. After 20 years of marriage and two kids, we couldnít be happier.

Sue D., Columbus, OH

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5000 "Kill It!" $11.95    
  A clear concise book about preventing & eliminating cancer and arthritis.
Purchase $50.00 or more of Advantage Products Shark Cartilage and receive "Kill It!"FREE!
5001 Melatonin $13.10    
  Dr. Russel Reiter
Uncovering more than just a good-night sleep. Learn about the new research that is uncovering the latest about melatonin,how it may extend your youth.
5002 Dr Whittakers Guide
Hard Book cover
5003 Prescription for
Nutritional Healing
  James F Balch, M.D. and Phyllis A. Balch, C.N.C.
(Revised)A Comprehensive and up-to-date self-help guide
"A Practical A-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs ans Food Supplements."
This is a great book!
5004 Prescription for
Dietary Wellness
  Phyllis A. Balch, C.N.C.and
James F. Balch, M.D.
A complete source book containing easy-to-use charts with healing foods, herbs,vitamins and juices using documented remedies for the Speed Healing of specific disorders.
5005 Stevia Rebaudiana $4.75    
  Nature's Sweet Secret
By David Richard
The sweetest herb in the world!
An introduction to this traditional sweetener, its history and current usage.
5006 Natural Body Basics $7.75    
5007 Cereal Grass:
What's in it for you!
Edited by Ronald L. Seibold, M.S.
The importants of Wheat Grass, Barley Grass and other green vegetables in the human diet.
5008 Electrolytes:
The Spark Of Life
The key to longevity and quality of life.
Gillian Martlew N.D.
A great book that explains in an easy to understand language the incredible nature of electrolytes and why they are of such great importance in the diet to heal and prevent disease.
5009 Germanium:A New Approach To Immunity $19.95    
Betty Kamen, Ph.D.
A bundle fo knowledge in a little book! Explaining germaniums remarkable effects on the immune system and how it is being used to fight many diseases.
5010 Pycnogenol
The Super Protector Nutrient
Richard A. Passwater,Ph.D.and
Chithan Kandaswami,Ph.D.
This concise guide explores the scientific background of Pycnogenol and explains how it has enhanced the beneficial effects of vitamin C.
Antioxidant, Improves Skin, Reduces Inflammation!
5011 "Coenzyme Q-10 $3.95    
Is it our new fountain of youth?"
William H. Lee, R.Ph.,Ph.D.
A guide book that tells the story of how replenishing the body's store's of Q-10 has relieved many ills and even reversed the effects of aging.
5012 DHEA $3.95    
The Youth and Health Hormone
C.Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
A complete guide that tells the story of DHEA, the critical hormone that holds promise as an antidote to the diseases of aging.
5013 Melatonin &
The Biological Clock
The amazing hormone that combats aging and renews health.
Alan E. Lewis and Dallas Clouatre, Ph.D.
Melatonin has more going for it than just to regulate your sleep patterns. Find out how new research is revealing its potential for stopping, even reversing, the aging "clock," supporting the immune system's defences against many diseases.
5014 Natural Alternatives
To Antibiotics
The safe remedies that work with your body to fight illness
Ray C. Wunderlich, M.D.
A convenient book that helps to explain a wide range of natural remedies that can replace antibiotics in many conditions and sustain rather than impair the immune system.
5015 The Natural Way
to a Healthy Prostate
Preventing prostate problems with nutritional and herbal treatments
Michael B. Schachter, M.D. A nature-based therapeutic and preventative program, including herbal remedies and avoidance of cancer promoting foods.

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