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The Original

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The Original Emerald Greens is the most complete dietary supplement! This 9 oz bottle contains all the nutrients and ingredients that provide your body with optimun natural nutritional support, like soy lecithin, spirulina, vitamin A and wheat grass. It also has powerful anti-oxidants like grape seed, vitamin E, Ginko Biloba and over 29 ingredients in all! It is perfect for those who don't eat enough vegetables! Just take one tablespoon with water in the morning.

Amid reports of new viruses, drug-resistant bacteria, and ineffective antibiotics, scientests are discovering the ability of certain foods, like spirulina and vitamin A to strengthen the immune system and fight problems associated with aging. Scientific reports from around the world indicate that spirulina, a blue-green algae that has been living on the planet for 3.6 billion years, may be one of these disease-preventing, anit-aging foods.

As one of the oldest living plants on the planet, spirulina, a blue green algea, has been a source of food for some cultures for centuries. Research suggests that one tablespoon of powder a day can increase health and energy.

These disoveries are significant for human health. Overused antibiotics have created highly resistant bacteria. Now scientists want to identify probiotics, like vitamin A and wheat grass, that strengthen the immune system to prevent disease and cancer. Based on animal research, as little as 3 grams per day of spirulina, a blue green algae, may be effective for humans. It seems to turbocharge the immune system to seek out and destroy disease causing microorganisms and cancer cells.

Emerald Greens Recipes

Item# Product Price  
7000 Emerald Greens,
9oz Powder
30 day supply SAVE $10.00! off regular
price of $39.95
7001 Emerald Greens Auto-Ship Plan!
Every month receive Emerald Greens automatically!
7002 Emerald Greens
Buy 3 Bottles...get the third one at 1/2 price!
SAVE $19.97
7003 Emerald Greens
One Case of 6 Bottles $179.95
SAVE $59.75!
7004 Yummie Greens For Kids
120 Tabs Sour Apple Flavor Chewables
KIDS LOVE THEM! Keep one in your car!
Auto Ship
7007 Green Phyto Food
1000mg Tabs 270 Count
7020 Tony's Special Ruby Reds, 9oz Powder , and The Original Emerald
9 oz Powder Tastes great!
Mix together or take separately. Enjoy the benefits of both. $54.95

Emerald Greens Whey less
Whey Less developed by Dr. Tony O’Donnell
The testimonials are in! WHEY LESS works! -
it is a new revolutionary weight loss formula; easy, effective and delicious!
More Info>>
7005 Whey Less
32 oz Bottle
7006 Whey Less CHOCOLATE–
32 oz Bottle

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