I love how easy Sun Chlorella is to take. I feel so much healthier and have more energy! As a bonus, the tablets are so tiny, this is a convenient way to get my nutrients.
Gary B., Brooklyn, NY
I use Colloidal Silver anytime I get a rash or my skin cracks from using cleaning products. All I have to do is put some colloidal silver on it, sometimes just once, and it’s better the next day!
Carla R., St. Louis, MO
I’m so happy we found the Viking product. After 20 years of marriage and two kids, we couldn’t be happier.

Sue D., Columbus, OH

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Okinawa Coral Calcium

Do you have enough coral calcium
 in your diet? Coral calcium can give you a perfect pH balance.

60 Capsules = 1000 mg Pure Coral Calcium per day for 30 days.

Best deal on the Net!
$13.95 per bottle

Emerald Greens

Dr. Tony O'Donnell's Emerald Greens complete dietary supplement! This 9 oz bottle contains all the nutrients and ingredients that provide optimum natural nutritional support.

Ships the day of order for only $33.95 and SHIPPING IS FREE!

The Master Multiple

Life Essence provides over 800 nutrients to support metabolism as no other supplement can! This superfood provides hundreds of phyto-nutrients that support more complete, more efficient, and more healthful metabolism.

120 Tablets for only $29.95

Green Tea Plus!

Green Tea Plus™ has such a high concentrations of the active ingredient, polyphenols, that you would need to drink 12 cups of tea to get the same in one dose of Green Tea Plus™.

TV-Radio Special!
4 Bottles for $86.90


Pure Okinawa Coral Calcium

• Powder is best!
• Save money over the cost of capsules.
• Easier to take.
• Easy to give to children.
• Collectable 280 gram bottle
• Only $68.95



Sun Chlorella

• Feel Great!
• More Energy!
• Be Regular!
• Think Clearer!
• 300 Tablet Package
• $20.95


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