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Pure Shark Cartilage
Health Products and More! Low Prices, High Quality!


Advantage Products Shark Cartilage is one of the finest high quality products on the market today. You will be pleased with our product after comparing our quality & pricing with our other competitors. Our shark cartilage has NO FILLERS added & is ground to a very fine 200 mesh powder, to maximize absorption.

A complete assay is provided for all Advantage Products Shark Cartilage sold. This is completed by an independent lab not affiliated with Advantage Products. Advantage Products Shark Cartilage has a 35% to 55% Protein Content, never less! Our shark cartilage is processed with very clean and strict quality controls. As a result our product has a very clean aroma and is better tasting. If you have any questions about Advantage Products, please feel free to phone or contact us.
Item# Product Price    
3000 Pure Shark Cartilage
100Caps 750mg
3001 Pure Shark Cartilage
300Caps 750mg
3002 Pure Shark Cartilage
500gm Powder
3003 Pure Shark Cartilage
1000gm Powder

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